Thursday, September 30, 2010

Has the craziness around here finally ended? I seriously doubt it but it's time to move on and get back to writing.....and what better way to begin again than with a dinner at the best restaurant in town serving manna from the Gods (Italian fare), Salvino's. Celebrating the end of the refinancing process..although it was smooth, it's always stressful when financial things are happening. B and I went to dinner early and began with cocktails....I have finally grown up and can now drink something like a cosmo without grimacing at the taste of liquor. But after that, the real beverage was served....prosecco... sweet tasting bubbles dear to my heart.

Mussells with fra diavolo sauce was our first course....what else needs saying? Well ok, just in case, it's a light, spicy tomato sauce. Mussells cooked just until they open...delizioso. Course number two: one order of veal (delicately thin piece with mozzarella and proscuitto wrapped inside, served with a light sauce and a side of spaghetti) and one order of shrimp pasta primavera (rotini, vegetables at just the right firmness and an absolutely beautiful sauce). I could cry. And the amazingly wonderful - my new favorite phrase, thank you Ashley B., (just put amazingly in front of any other adjective) part of it all, is that I get to enjoy it all again in about 4 hours with leftovers for my lunch. I will throw in a glass of vintage box and it will be a very happy Thursday.

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